Adrea Brier, C.N.H.P. , J.S.J.
              Breast and Prostate Health
I have been there.    It's an epidemic amongst women and even men have breast cancer.    Look around.   1 in 3 people have or will have Breast Cancer.   Many men you know have or will have Prostate Cancer.  

I will support you in your body's health and healing.   Whether you are being PROACTIVE and PREVENTATIVE, or actively dealing with cancer, two critical goals are to MAXIMIZE your body's IMMUNITY and its detoxification pathways.   Two profound tools with proven results are Haelan and the Biomat.    I will guide you to maximize the benefits of both.

The study in the link below addresses BREAST CANCER becoming RESISTANT to DRUG treatments, because breast cancer cells can mutate.    
Haelan is NOT a drug.  It is a healthy, fermented food product.    
Biomat is NOT a drug.  It is an FDA approved medical device for profound far infrared delivery.  
It is critical to activate the body's immune system and detoxification pathways for health to improve and healing
to be supported.

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There are also two video presentations from Walter Wainright, the world expert on Haelan.

BREAST HEALTH:  Doctor Articles, Studies and Reports
I understand how frightening it is to hear a diagnosis.   Women hear it, and men hear it.
There are studies and articles on this page that will provide solid information to support you in your health journey.

Client Comments:

"Adrea has been there.   She knows what she is talking about".       Lynn B, San Francisco.
I began my health healing journey in 2010.   Along this journey I have met great people but Adrea  by far is a very special person to me.  She is knowledgeable,  caring and compassionate.  She experienced first-hand cancer and used Haelen and the Biomat to heal herself.  It's been two months since I began taking Haelen and Adrea has been with me every step of the way.

What I find most unique about Adrea is she is not just selling another miracle health cure, she is giving me hope.  She always finds time out of her busy schedule to follow up on how I am doing.   One time I remembered she called me while she was out on a date.  That speaks tremendous volumes about how dedicated Adrea is to support you to heal. Being a Cancer patient myself, I am extremely careful in recommending products or a services to people. I know I am dealing with someone’s precious life.   I’ve been very close to death myself because of one wrong turn in my health decision so I take that very seriously. I learned  several important lessons when looking for cures for cancer.  One of them is, where you get your sources from is crucial.  Finding good sources whether it comes from a doctors, articles or/and word of mouth is extremely important.  Finding Adrea from Thriving Health and Wellness was a gem.  She is incredibly knowledgeable and very well connected in the health and wellness arena.  That’s the kind of person YOU  MUST have guiding you.  If anyone reading this note has any doubt about Adrea's services,  I recommend you just give her a call.  You will be soon writing a similar note expressing your gratitude towards Adrea.  I am so grateful and better off today because of her.

With Adrea you get more than just an excellent product, you have a friend who is compassionate and determined to get your health back on track.
New York


It takes a Village.   The Village is the people who care about us.   The Village is the way we live our lives.   The Village
is the choices we make to support our health and immunity.   The Village are the professionals who help guide us in our choices.

I have been there.   Please know that anything I recommend I have done.   In many instances, I am still doing; because we must each continue to support our immune system and detoxification.    It is also important for healthy people to stay healthy.

If anyone knew the one answer to curing cancer and healing, there would be no cancer. 
With cancer, an essential objective is to address the root cause pathways of cancer and metastasis.  That means we work to address the causes, not just the symptoms.   
Far infrared supports healing because inflammation and toxins underlie most disease.  Cellular oxygenation and liver detoxification are is essential.    Deep healing sleep supports the body's inherent healing mechanisms.

Haelan works to support the root cause pathways of cancer.  For example, it supports the liver and a healthier estrogen balance.  Most breast cancers are estrogen positive.  Some believe that an important balance is the ratio, not just the lowered estrogen numbers.

In addition to Haelan, true far infrared is proven to support healing   A major benefit of the proven BioMat products are that they incorporate so easily into our lifestyle.    We lie or sit on it, and become healthier while we sleep, work or drive.

HAELAN: Studies and articles re: benefits with breast and other cancers:

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Biomat and 
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