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Dear Doctor,
I respect your doctor-patient relationship.   I counsel your referred patients on how to maximize the benefits of the BioMat products and Haelan.   With any other questions, I refer patients back to you.

I will provide articles and studies more specific for doctors upon request.   Please feel free to email or call me.
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INTERVIEW of Adrea, Haelan and Cancer:  January 2014
Two additional videos of Walter Wainright, world expert on Haelan

2 minute read:
Haelan Soy Nutrient Reverses Cancer Cell Growth
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2 minute read:
Dr. Weeks:  Science and Why Haelan 951 Is A Heatlhy Cancer Answer
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3 minute read:
Townscend Letter:  Not All Soy Products Are Created Equal
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3 minute read:
Townscend Letter:   The Management of Estrogens
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2 minute read:
Dr. Weeks:   General Studies on Breast Cancer and Effectiveness of Haelan 951
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2 minute read:
Dr. S. The Effectiveness of Far Infrared on the Entire Body
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2 minute read:
Dr. Grant:  Far infrared lowers weight, stress and pain: 

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