"I believe, and have experienced, that the body knows how to heal when "interferences" are removed.  In fact, I don't believe that people have to die from cancer."        
                                                                                                                         Adrea Brier
     "To maximize healing, we must address "interferences" in the body TO that healing.hling. 
Interferences are like quicksand.  They undermine the immune system, support harmful genetic expression, clog the critical detoxification and healthy regeneration pathways, and confuse the body's inherent abilities to heal.   Remember, the body does know how to heal". 
                                                                                                                    Adrea Brier

                                 "There is no single answer to conquering cancer.  
Cancer is unquestionable evidence of chaos in the body.   We must address what causes the chaos.  We know healing starts on the inside.  We know the body is a synergistic complex system.  We know that targeting one area without targeting the whole, doesn't really work.   When cancer appears, the body and immune system are screaming for help.  Did you ever think that cancer is a "life sentence", a wake-up call, from your body asking for healing help?  Let us listen to that call and together, activate your body's own healing abilities.
     A                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Adrea Brier  

"The most dangerous part of the cancer is metastasis.  
"Some cells that we call cancer stem cells adopt deadly characteristics and form new tumors.  These cancer stem cells are resistant to chemotherapy drugs that target the main tumor.   The cancer comes back"."  
                                                                                                            Kristopher Kilian, PhD.,                                                                                                                         University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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             THRIVING HEALTH AND WELLNESS                        Conquering Cancer With Integrative and Healthier Approaches
                            We work with you, with any treatment approach you've chosen
                       Conventional medicine - Integrative - Complementary - Alternative

To support your current and future health, the causes 
cancer must be addressed.
Cancer is a symptom, it is NOT a "cause".   Cancer doesn't cause cancer.   Chaos and imbalances in the body allow cancer to "take hold".  
The body knows how to be well and it knows how to heal.  The healing is more activated when the "interferences" in the body and environment are mitigated and removed.  Everyone is different, even as we have similarities.  Achieving recovery and healing is not accomplished by a "one size fits all". Together, we personalize your consultation and address the "interferences" that have allowed cancer to manifest in your life.

With all forms of treatment, including conventional medicine, it is essential to address the underlying causes of the cancer.   A few simple additions to your plan can increase chances of conquering cancer and help you feel better while going through treatment.

I am your personal advocate and consultant in cancer and general health. 
We have a team to support you.

My objectives are to empower you, wherever you are in the healing journey. 
We are a team.  I and my colleagues will help you on your chosen path back to health
I am here to help you to Live Your Life! as a person successfully dealing with a cancer episode,
not as a cancer patient trying to squeeze in "living a life".

The body is a self-healing mechanism.  It knows how to heal when the "interferences" are removed and the tools are provided.  In consultation, we will address the multiple "interferences" in your life that contribute to dis-ease and cancer.   You will be empowered to take effective action, targeted to your situation.  You will have more knowledge with which to evaluate options and make better decisions for your current cancer episodes and to protect yourself for the future.

1 in                                             Did you know that ?
                                       1 in 6 women will develop breast cancer 
                                        1 in 4 men will develop prostate cancer

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U.S. and International C
onsultations by Appointment
Complimentary 15 Minute Consultation

Adrea Brier, C.N.H.P., J.S.J.     415-308-4818    United States  

                           "MIND-BODY MEDICINE

Your mind is a powerful healing tool.   In consultation we will personalize it, and harness and activate it for you.  

     You are welcome to have family members attend so they learn this too for their benefit.                                                                                                       

                                                                 ENERGY IS THE SOURCE OF LIFE.

Scientists have yet to isolate what causes us to be "alive".   Yet we know energy is present and we are indeed, alive. 

We feel energy in many ways.   For example, we change a negative thought to a positive one and, energetically, we feel better.   We have physiological responses to our thoughts.    Your body's physical feedback is a gift to be conscious of.  
The value, impact and importance of energy medicine has been acknowledged by the world and traditional medical establishment.  Energy medicine is one of the rare tools,  without negative side effects, that supports us in a healthier, happier, longer life.    We have energy medicine tools to support us.   The Biomat ( is an extraordinary one.   Jin Shin Jyutsu is another.  

The human and animal bodies are miraculous in their abilities to heal and rejuvenate, when provided the targeted "tools".  
These tools work synergistically and mitigate or remove the "interferences" that inhibit critical cellular communication and detoxification within the body.   The objectives are to maximize cellular communication and detoxification mechanisms.  
With interferences mitigated and removed, the body's innate health, strengths and healing wisdom are activated.

Remember, there is no drug, no doctor and no surgery smarter than the human body's ability to stay healthy, when the interferences are removed.  

Interferences block energy and cellular communication.  They block the body's ability to detoxify, cleanse and therefore, strengthen and rejuvenate.   Imagine you have a 10 alarm fire exploding in your home.    You need all the strongest fire hoses, and all the water, and all the power, that you can have to address the fire.   With the body, it's the same.  Detoxify and remove the various causes of the fire and let the body's immune system maximize.

The more we remove the
CAUSES (not just the symptoms.  Cancer is a symptom) of the fire, and remove the interferences to and damagers of the immune system, the stronger the body can be.   Watering the flames is worthless because eventually you run out of water, and the immune system crashes, and the fire springs up again.   What caused the fire must be removed.  
What harms the immune system must be mitigated and eliminated.   In today's complex world, this must be done daily.
We have tools to support us for the rest of our lives.  The Biomat is one of the most profound detoxification, energy medicine tools, I have discovered.   Importantly, the benefits are received at the home or office, even in the car.   It clears the way for the lymphatic system and liver to optimize, and thereby, cleanse the body for the cells to maximally communicate and therefore be healthier.  It supports improved, deepened sleep, for that is when our immune system naturally "reboots".  It increases oxygen in the cells to support all the body functions.



Photo above demonstrates placement for hands.  Sequences of hands is described below starting with R1. R indicates placement of right hand, L indicates placement of left hand.  

Another important tool is Jin Shin Jyutsu, the Japanese art of energy healing. 

Remember that JSJ is one of the synergistic tools.   All the tools work together.   One is not enough...not enough in supporting health in today's complex world, and especially not enought when a serious health challenge is present.

Be in a comfortable position, whether sitting or lying down.   You might want to support your arms with pillows or cushions.

REMEMBER that breathing supports life.  With all energy work: 1. breathe in 2. hold it 3.  breathe out.  Do the breathing and holding to a count that fills your lungs deeply, yet comfortably. For example, breathe in to a slow count of 5 or 6, hold it for 5 or 6, and breathe out to 5 or 6.   Drop your shoulders.   Close our eyes.  Relax.   Start again.

The positions of the hands are identified below.   Hold each position for a few minutes each, or as long as you like.   You will begin to feel an "energy" pulse.   It is not a heart beat.   It is the energy pulse in your body.  That energy is moving along the invisible lines between your hands and in your body.   And importantly, the energy blockages are being addressed so the energy can flow more freely.

Some positions will feel so comfortable, you might spend an hour just in one hold.  Ideally, you'll feel the pulse….then once you feel it, and then feel it change once to a different "beat",  then you can switch to the next hand position.   Over time, you will be more tuned into the energy pulse.   Don't be concerned if you don't feel it.   Eventually with regular practice, you will, because your body will be clearing, cleansing and revitalizing.    If that is the case, then hold each position for 3 to 4 minutes and switch.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  the right hand will remain on top of the head until the last hold when it moves to the coccyx, and the left hand moves down the front of the body as explained.

R1 - Place Right Hand/Fingers on Top of Head.  Leave your right hand here until the very last step, when both hands are near the coccyx in step 8.

L1 - Place Left Fingers between Eyebrows.  The Vital Force of Total Being. Revitalizes the deep energy circulation, improves memory, dissipates senility, harmonizes the pituitary gland and the pineal gland, addresses blood pressure.   The wisdom of the third eye is present here.

L2 - Place Left Fingers on Tip of Nose.  Revitalizes superficial body energy circulation, releases tension in the pelvic girdle and reproductive organs.

L3 - Place Left Fingers on ‘Bump’ on Sternum.   Revitalizes Thyroid and Parathyroid; helps with facial muscular problems, helps body support to prevent heart attacks, strokes, etc.  Addresses metabolism and maintains mental balance.   Helps us adapt to our surroundings and situations.

L4 - Place Left Fingers between Breasts on Sternum.  Revitalizes the immune system in addressing prevention of cancer, AIDS, etc. Assists in child growth and mental development. Governs reproduction, generative and regenerative functions. Relieves nausea and anxiety. Assists with breathing.

L5 - Place Left Fingers at Base of Sternum. The Controller of Human Destiny. Revitalizes the energy path of the spleen and the adrenals, assists in the secretion of digestive juices and hormones. Gateway to the solar energy system revitalizing the nervous system. Addresses prevention of  diabetes.

L6 - Place Left Fingers about an Inch above the Belly Button.  Revitalizes abdominal muscle tone and intestinal function.

L7 – Place Left Fingers on Pubic Bone.  Revitalizes the descending energy (down the front).
Helps strengthen the spine. 

R2 - Right Hand moves from Top of Head to Base of Spine (Coccyx). Revitalizes the ascending energy (up the back), helps circulation in the legs and feet, helps cold and clammy hands and feet. Alleviates menstrual cramps and supports body clearing
on many levels. 


As part of my consultations, I listen very proactively when my clients speak.   We each need an objective "observer"
to listen to our communication.   In the throes of crisis and in every day life, we often don't realize what we are programming
into ourselves, into our subconscious.   We are continually reinforcing what we do, or do not, want as our objectives.

After a consultation, you will have word awareness.  Your self talk impacts your life on many levels.    
The self talk creates your reality.   This word awareness is, again, like pebbles in the pond, with far reaching repercussions.   

Why would anyone "own" the cancer?    Why say "my cancer"?   Do you want to keep it....or release it?

Let's discuss our self talk, which supports or undermines us, 24/7.

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No therapy or energy medicine device heals or cures disease.   BioMat and Haelan assist the body so that it might heal itself.   Given the right "tools", the body has the potential to be self-healing, self-regulating and self-regenerating. 
If you have any questions, or want medical advice, ask your doctor or medical professional.  No information or consultation is to be considered as medical advice.   What is stated on this site or/and in consultations are my experiences and/or opinions.  Ordering products and/or having consultations constitutes acknowledgement and agreement that you have read these two paragraphs, know that the information is not medical advice and are making decisions based on your own information and without any reliance on any comments or claims from Biomat, Haelan, nor Adrea.