Official Distributor for Haelan and Biomat
                         I work with them, because they work!             

Adrea Brier, C.N.H.P. , J.S.J.
  HIPPOCRATES, traditionally considered the Father of Modern Medicine, said
                             "give me a fever, and I can cure any disease"

                  These two products have the potential to significantly change your life 
                                                   when used and taken properly


There are also two video presentations from Walter Wainright, my mentor and the world expert on Haelan.

1. Haelan:   non-toxic, organic, non gmo, supports the liver and healthier estrogen metabolism,
                 addresses the root cause pathways of cancer
2. Biomat:    

Everyone is searching for healthier, non-toxic methods of effectively addressing cancer. 

Haelan and the BioMat are two of those methods.   They are unsurpassed and extraordinarily effective individually.
Together, they provide extraordinary synergistic support for the body's natural healing and health.


The Biomat is an FDA approved physical medical device, which was
recommended to me by a widely respected integrative doctor from a major U.S. medical institution.  The benefits accrue while we sleep or sit, in the home, office and car.

It provides true deep! far infrared without the potentially dangerous emf's (electromagnetic frequencies). 
The body's overall health in supported in critical essential ways.   Some of the benefits are lowered dangerous inflammation, cellular oxygenation, pain reduction and increasing flexibility, increased calorie burning and resultant weight loss , detoxification, deeper rejuvenating sleep, increased energy and mental clarity, bile flow and liver cleansing, mood elevation and increased circulation.  
Everyone has inflammation and addressing it has health and life ramifications.  Inflammation underlies many conditions, such as arthritis and heart disease.  It contributes to the body being in a heightened more stressed state.  Stress undermines the immune system.

For cancer, chronic and degenerative diseases,  the second product I suggest considering is Haelan 951. It is FDA approved for protein calorie malnutrition.  The studies and testimonials report measurable positive results.   I will support you to maximize the benefits and support your body's innate healing.  

Additional doctor's articles and studies are available.  


Biomat and Haelan 951 are not devices nor products intended to cure, diagnose or treat medical conditions.  Nor is it a substitute for the Biomat product users guide.   Please consult with a physician before beginning this or any other health care program.   Neither the site nor the consultations offer medical advice.   Any information with regard to personal testimonies about RichwayInternational/Biomat products and Haelan 951 does not represent either of those company's product claims.  Nor do they represent any claims of Adrea Brier, and are specifically not medical advice.  These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  There are no claims on this site nor in consultations for curing, treating or diagnosing cancer.

No therapy or energy medicine device heals or cures disease.   BioMat and Haelan assist the body so that it might heal itself.   Given the right "tools", the body has the potential to be self-healing, self-regulating and self-regenerating. 
If you have any questions, or want medical advice, ask your doctor or medical professional.  No information or consultation is to be considered as medical advice.   What is stated on this site or/and in consultations are my experiences and/or opinions.  Ordering products and/or having consultations constitutes acknowledgement and agreement that you have read these two paragraphs, know that the information is not medical advice and are making decisions based on your own information and without any reliance on any comments or claims from Biomat, Haelan, nor Adrea.

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