"I believe, and have experienced, that the body knows how to heal when "interferences" are removed.  In fact, I don't believe that people have to die from cancer."        
                                                                                                                         Adrea Brier
     "To maximize healing, we must address "interferences" in the body TO that healing.hling. 
Interferences are like quicksand.  They undermine the immune system, support harmful genetic expression, clog the critical detoxification and healthy regeneration pathways, and confuse the body's inherent abilities to heal.   Remember, the body does know how to heal". 
                                                                                                                    Adrea Brier

                                 "There is no single answer to conquering cancer.  
Cancer is unquestionable evidence of chaos in the body.   We must address what causes the chaos.  We know healing starts on the inside.  We know the body is a synergistic complex system.  We know that targeting one area without targeting the whole, doesn't really work.   When cancer appears, the body and immune system are screaming for help.  Did you ever think that cancer is a "life sentence", a wake-up call, from your body asking for healing help?  Let us listen to that call and together, activate your body's own healing abilities.
     A                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Adrea Brier  

"The most dangerous part of the cancer is metastasis.  
"Some cells that we call cancer stem cells adopt deadly characteristics and form new tumors.  These cancer stem cells are resistant to chemotherapy drugs that target the main tumor.   The cancer comes back"."  
                                                                                                            Kristopher Kilian, PhD.,                                                                                                                         University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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             THRIVING HEALTH AND WELLNESS                        Conquering Cancer With Integrative and Healthier Approaches
                            We work with you, with any treatment approach you've chosen
                       Conventional medicine - Integrative - Complementary - Alternative

To support your current and future health, the causes 
cancer must be addressed.
Cancer is a symptom, it is NOT a "cause".   Cancer doesn't cause cancer.   Chaos and imbalances in the body allow cancer to "take hold".  
The body knows how to be well and it knows how to heal.  The healing is more activated when the "interferences" in the body and environment are mitigated and removed.  Everyone is different, even as we have similarities.  Achieving recovery and healing is not accomplished by a "one size fits all". Together, we personalize your consultation and address the "interferences" that have allowed cancer to manifest in your life.

With all forms of treatment, including conventional medicine, it is essential to address the underlying causes of the cancer.   A few simple additions to your plan can increase chances of conquering cancer and help you feel better while going through treatment.

I am your personal advocate and consultant in cancer and general health. 
We have a team to support you.

My objectives are to empower you, wherever you are in the healing journey. 
We are a team.  I and my colleagues will help you on your chosen path back to health
I am here to help you to Live Your Life! as a person successfully dealing with a cancer episode,
not as a cancer patient trying to squeeze in "living a life".

The body is a self-healing mechanism.  It knows how to heal when the "interferences" are removed and the tools are provided.  In consultation, we will address the multiple "interferences" in your life that contribute to dis-ease and cancer.   You will be empowered to take effective action, targeted to your situation.  You will have more knowledge with which to evaluate options and make better decisions for your current cancer episodes and to protect yourself for the future.

1 in                                             Did you know that ?
                                       1 in 6 women will develop breast cancer 
                                        1 in 4 men will develop prostate cancer

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U.S. and International C
onsultations by Appointment
Complimentary 15 Minute Consultation

Adrea Brier, C.N.H.P., J.S.J.     415-308-4818    United States  

I provide complimentary 15 minute consultations.  

For my Haelan and Biomat clients, I provide unlimited complimentary consulting to guide them in maximizing the benefits of both.

Consultations are $155, in the United States, Canada and Internationally.   Skype, Facetime, Phone

For consulting appointments and orders, please contact me directly:                                                United States, Pacific Standard Time:     415-308-4818



It is critical to address the root causes of cancer, not just the symptoms.   Many treatments just address symptoms and cancer keeps returning.   I provide guidance on a complementary basis in order to maximize the benefits.   Most of my clients are referred by doctors and other people who have benefitted from Haelan.   Having had cancers personally, I welcome your call.

                       Haelan 951 has been one of the cornerstones of my health since 2006.  
                       It addresses the underlying causes of cancer, which is imperative when dealing with cancer.  

                       Please click on Haelan Research       Interviews of Adrea addressing Haelan and Healthier Approaches to Cancer
Please note: It is essential to take Haelan properly to achieve the benefits.   I am an official distributor and will guide you on maximizing the benefits.   For my Haelan and Biomat clients, these consultations are complimentary.   

Please contact me before ordering for your complimentary consultation.  I'm happy to help.

Inflammation underlines all dis-ease.   It is essential to daily lower inflammation and detoxify so the body can maximize healing.
Biomat makes it easy as it works when one is sitting or sleeping.

Hippocrates, often called the Father of Medicine, said "if I can give the body a fever, I can heal it"   The Biomat addresses fever.

                      The Biomat heats up the body, with deep reaching far infrared heat, on a mat of amethyst.
.                     It is FDA approved and is , energy medicine.  This profound technology lowers inflammation, improves sleep,                               improves mood, raises energy levels, improves brain function, supports healthier livers and hormone metabolism,                         supports lymphatic movement with all the "soldiers" to target illness.

                      It provides deep far infrared, on a mat of amethyst crystals.   Amethyst is known as a healing mineral.
                      Biomat is portable and provides negative ions.   I take my mat whenever I travel and because it's an FDA
                      approved medical device, I have never been charged for overweight luggage due to the Biomat.
                      To be healthier, one must detoxify the body, lower the inflammation, increase lymphatic circulation which carries                           the white blood cells, improve liver function which also supports hormone balance. Reduce stress &           tension,improve focus and performance, improve positive mood.''


Please note:  I provide complementary consultations to guide you in maximizing the profound benefits of the Biomat.   
Please contact me before ordering.  I will answer your questions and, based on your situation, we will determine which products are best for your objectives.   This is a lifetime product so you will have access to me and my guidance over the years on a complimentary basis