I personally experienced how frightening it is to hear a diagnosis.   In our lifetimes, we will probably hear one or more diagnoses of something.   Nothing manifests in a vacuum and regardless of what the dis-ease is, knowing how to address what caused it - or what it allowed it to manifest in our bodies -
is critical.   Otherwise, if you just "band-aid" and address the symptoms, and not the underlying issues, how can you expect the dis-ease to disappear.....and not re-appear?

Cancer is rampant in men, women, children and even our pets.  It is critical to support our body's innate healing wisdom and remove the "interferences" that allow dis-ease to appear.  There are many "interferences".   Together we will address them.
As the letters below attest, I will support you in your chosen path and journey back to health for I am here for the long run.

Adrea Brier, C.N.H.P. , J.S.J.



We wish you a Very Merry Christmas and A Happy and Healthy New Year.

Another year has passed. All is well with us the latest blood results were normal again

WE thank you once again for your support we are truly grateful for all that you do for not only us but other people around the world, it will be five years since I was diagnosed with the liver cancer in February 2012 and without your support and advice we would not have made it to enjoy another Christmas.

Keep up the good work that you do

Our love and best wishes

David and Julia

Thank you so much .  You are so dedicated. 
You make a difference in many people's life, and certainly in mine.
I am very grateful, everyday.

Dear Adrea,
You are a Blessing.  Thank you so much for all your help, may God Bless you richly for your kindness
your and dedication to helping others to get well.

"Adrea has personally been on this healing journey.    
She knows what she is talking about".  
 Lynn B, 
San Francisco. 

Dear Adrea,
I have just had the results of the latest 3 monthly blood tests that my medical centre carry out for me.
Of the 9 different liver tests that they do 8 are normal and 1 has a slight elevation it shouild be at level 41 and it was showing a level of 45, but my doctor informed me that when I was  diagnosed the level was nearly 200 so he is very pleased with it and there is no reason to worry over it., all the other tests were normal and that I was in vey good health.
It so sad that in this country if you are employed within our National Health System that you governed at what you are able do for your patients, but he has no objections if I go down the alternative road, I have told him about you and also Su my Homeo lady but no response in  making contact.
I am feeling very good and we had a lovely weeks vacation in Germany last week meetold friends and intend to go to France in a few weeks to meet other old frends and the end of year visit to Spain is also booked up.
We both hope that you are well and once again our thanks for your input into this result.
Our love and best wishes
David and Julia, Wales    

Thank you for everything you did for me and for all you do for "all of us".
I can never stress enough times that I am so grateful to you for your support.

I feel so blessed to have found you!!!  


You have become one of my "angels".
The positive attitude that you relay, the reminders which I appreciate, and your passion are most helpful to me and are very much appreciated. 

When I heard you speak I felt Haelan was for me.    
And I really believe Haelan is helping me already!    I can feel it!  


Adrea, it has been about 9 months since I "met" you through ordering 
> Haelan. In that time, were I younger, I could been having a birth of a 
> child about now;  however, I have had the birth and development of a 
> wonderful relationsip which I value very much. You are more than a 
> representative for Haelan 951 and the Biomat. You are professional and 
> therefore very knowledgeable in both but you are more than that. Your 
> frequent follow up shows that you care deeply about your "clients".  
> You reply to emails immediately both in reference to Haelan and the 
> Biomat and are very generous with your information. I am thankful for 
> all the "extras" you have done for me. I especially appreciate your 
> positive attitude and continuous support through this healing 
> process.  You have been one of my best supporters.....someone I never 
> met in person, but someone I know  is passionate about what you 
> believe and someone who is on a mission to help others. Somehow it 
> seems that you follow up just at the right time, reminding me that all 
> will be fine and that I have the power to heal when I believe in 
> myself.  As you personally know, cancer is not an easy journey to go 
> through especially if one takes the unconventional route.
> Those of us that order Haelan from you are also blessed to have the 
> ability to connect with the Company Haelan 951 should the need arise; 
> between both you and the Company the care and support is next to none. 
In all my years I have never had the opportunity to be in touch with > such approachable people that are in the "health care business".
> Haelan 951 is fortunate to have you as a representative and you are > fortunate to represent a Company that genuinely has the clients' best > interest at heart, but the biggest winners are people like me that > need your help. I cannot express my gratitude to both enough > times....many, many thanks. Anne F. 7/12/15
To whom it may concern

It is with great pleasure and sincerity that I write this letter of recommendation for Adrea Brier following my personal experience and dealings with her. I was diagnosed with colon cancer had major surgery to remove a part of my colon. I also had to have a hysterectomy to remove an ovary which also had a tumor growing on it and which had attached itself to my colon. During the operation they also discovered a tumor on my small intestine which was removed and checked. 30 lymph nodes were removed and tested and cancer cells were discovered in 2 of the nodes. The doctors wanted me to have 6 months of chemotherapy to ensure that the cancer was mopped up.
Following the prognosis I decided that I did not want to go down the chemotherapy route and thanks to my dear friend Dr Sherrill Sellman I was introduced to Adrea Brier. We had a skype consultation and Adrea introduced me to Haelan and explained all about the benefits of Haelan.

I can not say enough to show my gratitude to Adrea for all her support and extensive knowledge on Haelan. I was able to ask so many questions which had been causing me a lot of anxiety. Adrea provide me with answers to all of my worries and concerns and she did this in the most caring and charming way.

Her knowledge of the product Haelan shows a great depth of understanding and wisdom which far exceeds the product alone and the greatest gift that she provides you with is that of empowerment. It is great to feel in control of ones health and that is only possible if one knows they are doing the right thing for overall health and well being which comes from well informed choices.

Adrea Brier is truly inspirational and a very sincere and giving therapist.
I am blessed that she has stepped into my life and I have no hesitation in my recommendation and support for all her work and commitment to holistic health.

Yours sincerely

Hazel Ann Thomas B.A

Wales, United Kingdom
2013.  (still healthy and excellent 12/17)



To Whom It May Concern:

I began my health healing journey in 2010.   Along this journey I have met great people but Adrea  by far is a very special person to me.  She is knowledgeable,  caring and compassionate.  She experienced first-hand cancer and used Haelen and the Biomat to heal herself.  It's been two months since I began taking Haelen and Adrea has been with me every step of the way.

What I find most unique about Adrea is she is not just selling another miracle health cure, she is giving me hope.  She always finds time out of her busy schedule to follow up on how I am doing.   One time I remembered she called me while she was out on a date.  That speaks tremendous volumes about how dedicated Adrea is to support you to heal. Being a Cancer patient myself, I am extremely careful in recommending products or a services to people. I know I am dealing with someone’s precious life.  
I’ve been very close to death myself because of one wrong turn in my health decision so I take that very seriously. I learned  several important lessons when looking for cures for cancer.  
One of them is, where you get your sources from is crucial.  Finding good sources whether it comes from a doctors, articles or/and word of mouth is extremely important.  Finding Adrea from Thriving Health and Wellness was a gem.  She is incredibly knowledgeable and very well connected in the health and wellness arena.  That’s the kind of person YOU  MUST have guiding you.  If anyone reading this note has any doubt about Adrea's services,  I recommend you just give her a call.  You will be soon writing a similar note expressing your gratitude towards Adrea.  I am so grateful and better off today because of her.

With Adrea you get more than just an excellent product, you have a friend who is compassionate and determined to get your health back on track.
New York
December 9, 2013


Dear Adrea,
Julia and myself were having a pow wow last night and
discussing the happenings of the last year as it is nearly one year
since the diagnosis that I had terminal cancer in the Liver, Bone
and glands, and I was told that I had a few months left in this
world. It was the lowest point of our lives and we will never
forget the waves of despair and agony that came over us.
As you know there was no positive input from my medical
practice only painkillers with which I was having problems and
then the sickness which gave me more problems, Julia and I
decided to come off the drugs and we found a Holistic Cancer
Centre were the positives started to kick in.  Things
progressed well but I felt that I needed something more and that
is when I was recommended to contact you by Hazel Thomas.
You introduced me to Haelen 951 which has taken me to a higher
level again, having lost 50lbs of weight I have now put on 23lbs
and this is due to the Haelen. It has also given me so much
strength, so much that I can now mow my lawns and do DIY jobs
around the house. We have just returned from a 2 week vacation
to Spain and I was walking 3 miles some days,
I was reading an article about Piers Brosnan the actor in which
he states as follows:
I have learned that of all the luxuries the world has to offer the
most precious of all is time,

Time to watch the sunset,
Time to be with the ones you love
Because there really isn't very much of it
Julia and I would like to thank you Adrea from the bottom of our
hearts for the time you have given us, through your support and
advice, but most of all for introducing us to Haelen 951.

Thank you for being our friend.
Our love and best wishes
David and Julia
United Kingdom


(The man who wrote the testimonial below went through multiple life threatening emergency surgeries in a few days.  He was not expected to live.  His Naturopathic Doctor recommended the Biomat products to him.)

"About a month ago, I was introduced to the healing concept of the Bio Mat.  So, I chose to purchase the Mini Mat.
That size works best for me, when I am laying down or sitting up in a chair.

The first thing I noticed is the all over warmth that is delivered.  Also, the relaxation, and release of the
daily aches and pains.  It has made SUCH a difference for me in less than a week!!!   I am now sleeping through the night, 
I have no more aches and pains, I have more energy, feel more rested and I know it is assisting with detoxing and 
rejuvenating on a celluar level.   I highly recommend this product, for it's healing abilities and the craftsmanship 
which has gone into making it.     

JAMES S. (Australia)

"The BioMat has been an incredible adjunction to my practice as an Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner. I use the mat with at least 75% of my patients, for anything from body pain and stress to chronic fatigue and insomnia. I find the BioMat amplifies the success and efficacy of my treatments while also allowing for a warm and comfortable treatment experience. I can't imagine my practice without it." 
- Dr. Emilie S, Dr.TCM, R.Ac

"I first tried the BioMat when having a Shiatsu massage and I was hooked. The BioMat is fantastic it warms, relaxes, & is soothing for your body. I use my BioMat while watching TV, reading or before bed and I feel calmer, more relaxed and can drift off into a restful sleep. I love my BioMat this is one of the best purchases I have ever made!" 
- Tracey K.

"I had lower back pain for twenty years which limited my movement and therefore my activities. I also have arthritis in my knees. I bought a BioMat and after sleeping on it at night for a couple of weeks I was pain free. I found I was doing things with ease that usually left me in pain and after a month I had much more freedom of movement. I had been taking supplements for my knees to keep them pain free but with the BioMat I no longer need the supplements. I also find that I am sleeping at a more restful and deeper level. I wish I had known about the BioMat years ago. I just love it." 
- D. Ross

"My mini-BioMat has markedly improved my quality of life. I am so glad that I got one. It has become a permanent fixture in my living room, and I really look forward to spending time with it every day." 
- Amber W.

"After the first month I noticed my BioMat making a tremendous difference, I'm much more energetic and active now. The aches and pains with years of Fibromyalgia are fading away and the peaceful sleep I now have at night is making my life calm and more enjoyable. - Louisa Marshall, 81 years of age 
The BioMat helped stop my arthritis flare. Truly remarkable!" 
- Meg A.

"I have had lower back problems for many years but after using the BioMat once the pain was gone. It's amazing. I am going back on a regular basis I am now off of pain killers for the first time in 30 years. Thank you!!!!" 
- Anonymous

"I have had high blood pressure and back-pain for a long time...after using the Bio-Mat for two weeks, my blood pressure has normalized and my back-pain is gone. My allergy of 5 months is also gone. Thank you." 
- Leticia D. 

5.0 out of 5 stars Love This Product, Excellent Customer Service,February 20, 2009

I bought this mat specifically for detox (general organ healing from years of taking pain killers) and acute pain mitigation. I chose this mat over a far infrared sauna because:

1) Cost - the Bio-Mat is less expensive
2) Portable - I can move it to any room easily
3) Compact - It does not take up so much space in my house
4) I wanted to have the benefit of direct heat on certain body parts
5) I wanted the negative ion benefits
6) I wanted to be able to lie down, and sitting in a real sauna did not seem comfortable...

I received the mat less than 24 hours ago, which was excellent timing due to the level of pain I am in. I have literally laid on this mat for almost 16 hours straight, it feels that incredibly good. As long as I stay on the mat, I am able to cut down my pain killers. After about 12 hours on the mat, I made the mistake of going to bed (without the mat) and 3.5 hours later awoke to acute pain... So the trick for me personally, is to literally stay on the mat as much as possible, during acute pain episodes. This mat is now my new best friend (and that of my dogs - they stick to it like Velcro). My body temperature is naturally very low, about 2 full degrees lower than 98.6, and this could be one reason why I am so attracted to the mat.

The mat provides a very soothing warmth, which is hard to describe. It is a deep warmth, with no perceivable source, making the warmth experience almost surreal. I own an infrared electromagnetic TDP lamp (the kind you find in massage and acupuncture clinics), and the heat from this mat is very different from that of the TDP lamp. It is far more enjoyable for many reasons. First off, it is an all-over warmth, head to toe. I am 5'8" and the length of this mat is just fine for me, with room to spare. The TDP lamp only heats a very small area of your body. I would often find myself sweating under the lamp, yet have cold hands and feet). The length of the mat allowed me to heat my feet fully when lying on my stomach. When I am on pain killers I get terribly cold, and my feet and hands really suffer. So it was wonderful to be so warm, all over. It took a full 20 minutes to really get warm, so it is not an instant, hard heat. It occurs gradually and softly.

Second, the warmth is highly adjustable, with many different levels, so I could very easily find a setting that was "just right", whereas with my TDP lamp, I constantly have to adjust the lamp's distance from my body as I warm up. I have also burned myself with the TDP lamp, and that does not seem to be possible with this mat as I had it on the highest possible setting for over an hour & had no skin burning. If I had children, I would not hesitate to lay them on it for long periods of time with a low setting.

Third, there was no off-gassing, no funky smell to the unit as it heated up for the first time. Just clean radiant warmth.

It also comes with a nice white cover that fits over the mat, as well as your massage table. This is nice as it will soak up sweat and dirt tracked onto it by my dogs. This cover appears to be cotton and easily washable. The only negative I could comment on at this time is that the power cord could be longer. However, the unit uses such little electricity, I would have no hesitation to plug it into a regular extension cord full time. Neither the electronic controller, nor the power cord, seemed to heat up at all, even after being on for such a long time. I also really love the fact that the mat is EMF protected, whereas my old heating pad is not.

This is my first infrared heating pad of any kind, and I am truly in awe at how good it makes me feel. The electronics, wheeled carrying case, and the pad itself appear to be very well made, and give the appearance of being a high quality, luxury item.

This mat is fairly hard, so I am not sure I will be able to sleep on it full time - but apparently the company makes a version of this mat just for that purpose, which might have more padding.

In terms of customer service, I received the coupon code within an hour of requesting it, or thereabout. Chris offered excellent customer service, and was able to upgrade my shipping to 2-Day Air at a very reasonable rate.

In summary, although I have only owned it for less than 24 hours, I would recommend it unconditionally. My only regret is that I did not learn about this product years ago. As I get older (and have more and more pains) I find I gravitate to well crafted, well designed, functional tools, and am willing to pay for them. This mat seems at this point to be everything they say it is, and may end up being a real bargain... Hope this in-depth reviews helps you make an informed decision. I found it hard to find reviews of this product...

UPDATE: 10-14-11 Having owned this mat for a number of years now, I continue to love it. I now sleep on it full-time. It is a hard mat, so I do two things to make it more comfortable for full time sleeping use: . Most of my tossing and turning is now over. The heat on even the slightest setting does wonders to calm and lull me to sleep. I really appreciate this product.

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